Fa Mahjong Neon Sign


Fa Mahjong Neon Sign

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Bring some traditional charm to your home or business with the Fa Mahjong neon sign! This unique and eye-catching sign is designed to light up any room with its bright neon glow, making it a standout piece that's sure to attract attention.

Crafted with care and precision, this neon sign features the iconic Fa Mahjong symbol, perfect for anyone who loves Asian culture and traditions. The sign is made with high-quality materials, including a durable clear acrylic backboard that protects the neon tubes and provides a stunning contrast against any wall color. Perfect for adding a touch of cultural charm and personality to your home or business, the Fa Mahjong neon sign is sure to make a statement. So why wait? Add this traditional and eye-catching piece to your collection today and enjoy a unique and recognizable addition to your home or business!

SMALL: 19"W x 23"H
MEDIUM: 25.65"W x 31.05"H
LARGE: 32.3"W x 39.1"H

Colors: Green, Cool White

Material: Clear Acrylic Backing & LED Neon

Hanging: Holes to hang. It can be used with or without a remote & dimmer.