Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

We pre-test all Neon signs to make sure that they’re ready to enjoy straight out of the box!

Your Glowneo Neon will come to you, mounted on an acrylic (backing board) in your selected color (most commonly clear), with a slim transparent cord. The backboards also come with pre-drilled hang-holes (5mm/3/16”) for easy installation. You will also receive a power adapter suited to your region.

If your order includes a remote-control dimmer, all you’ll need are the batteries! Please store the controller out of reach of small children as it contains small parts which may be a choking hazard and extremely harmful.

Glowneo neons are top-notch quality. We offer an amazing 24-month manufacturer’s warranty – that's nearly DOUBLE the industry standard! Please note that our manufacturer warranty covers all electrical components when used appropriately. If you purchased a boxed acrylic neon, the warranty is 4 months.

Depending on the fault, Glowneo Neon will either repair, replace or refund the product. Glowneo reserves the right to select the most appropriate actions to fulfill the warranty.

Has your sign arrived faulty?

Sorry to hear that! Glowneo strives to produce products of the highest quality. Our items are quality checked before they are carefully packaged and sent to you. In the unlikely event that your item arrives damaged, or is not working as intended, please refrain from using the product. We kindly ask you to send us:

  • Image/s and a brief description of the fault.
  • Image/s of the outside of the box that the Neon was delivered in.
  • The shipping label and any notes on the box.

This information will need to be sent to within 24 hours of receiving the product. Please include your order number in the subject line.

Please contact for all warranty queries.

If you have questions or concerns, please refer to this link: Shipping & Returns.

Safety & Installation

How to temporarily fix your Neon sign for an event

There are a couple of great ways to display your Neon sign with easy and mark-free removal:

  • Hang your Neon sign or fix it to a frame using strong wire line or clear cable ties. This is one of our customer's favorite ways to show off their Neon sign at weddings and events. 
  • 3M Command Strips are another great option for fixing the sign to a wall for easy and mark-free removal (refer to 3M's instructions for correct usage).

How to permanently fix your Neon sign in its forever home

For a more permanent installation (e.g. your home or office), we recommend:

  • Using the supplied screws.
    Take care not to drill too deep, as this may crack the acrylic. We suggest using a measuring tape and marking the Neon out with masking tape on the wall--to ensure it’s in the correct position. Then, have another person hold the Neon sign in place while you mark the pre-drilled holes with a pencil. Only once certain it's in the correct position should you attempt the screw the Neon in place. 
    *Drill slowly and steadily, making sure not to press the drill head all the way into the acrylic so that the Neon sign isn’t under too much pressure.