Bar Open Neon Sign


Bar Open Neon Sign

Sale price$369.00

🥂 Vibrant piece of art that will light up any bar, pub, or restaurant. Perfect for attracting customers and creating a lively atmosphere, this sign is ideal for any establishment that serves drinks. 

Crafted from high-quality materials, the sign features a bright and eye-catching neon light that announces to the world that your bar is open for business. The design features bold and clear letters that spell out "Bar Open," making it easy for customers to spot and inviting them inside.

The sign operates on a low voltage and comes with a durable power supply, ensuring safety and reliability. Its compact design makes it easy to install and its bright light makes it suitable for any setting, whether it be a cozy and intimate bar or a bright and bold nightclub.

Attract customers and create a lively atmosphere with the "Bar Open" neon sign. It's the perfect way to make a statement and let everyone know that your establishment is the place to be for a good time. Light up your bar and start the party with this vibrant and eye-catching neon sign. 🍻

SMALL: 18"W x 14"H
MEDIUM: 24.3"W x 18.9"H
LARGE: 30.6"W x 23.8"H

Colors: Purple & ice blue

Material: Clear Acrylic Backing & LED Neon

Hanging: Holes to hang

It can be used with or without a remote & dimmer.